Q.1 What services are offered through CareerEdge?

Ans. We currently offer a core group of services which include resume rewrites, cover letters, interview preparation and career coaching. You can find additional information about these services on our services page.

Q.2 Do you offer discounts?

Ans. CareerEdge is different than most of the other resume service providers found online. Our business relies on customer referrals and focuses on providing each client with a high degree of personal attention and satisfaction. For those clients who have purchased a Professional Service (I-III) within the previous 24 months, we offer our Resume Tune-up service for just $125.00. For these reasons, we currently don't offer discounts for our Professional packages or ala carte services.

Q.3 What is career coaching?

Ans. Career coaching is a highly personalized approach to tackling your toughest career search challenges or strategizing your next career moves. Based on your individual needs, we will help structure 60-minutes of dedicated consultation time to answer your questions, plan your strategy and provide expert guidance.

Q.4 Why do you have different levels of pricing for your resume services?

Ans. Creating a customized resume takes time. We consider this in determining our pricing structure. Through experience, we have found that the more experienced a client, the more time goes into creating a final product. Our prices reflect that. For additional information, please see the services page.

Q.5 How do I determine which level of resume service to purchase?

Ans. You will want to consider how much full-time work experience you have. If you are uncertain, you are welcome to contact us through our contact page or by telephone at (866) 454-6873. We can help you make the determination.

Q.6 What can I expect from the process?

Ans. For resumes and cover letters, we would schedule a 60-90 minute (shorter for cover letters only) phone consultation to review your background in greater detail. Typically, within two business days of that call, you will receive your documents via email. If we need to make any edits/additions, that will happen as soon as possible. Most of the time, the process can be completed within a week or two depending upon scheduling.

Q.7 When are you available for a phone consultation?

Ans. We recognize that our clients all have different situations. We do our best to accomodate every client's schedule. Once you have placed an order, we will contact you with our availability and work with you to find the soonest available appointment. Typically, we offer both weekday and evening options.

Q.8 I don't have a current resume. Can you still help me?

Ans. Yes! We have lots of experience creating resumes for clients from scratch. We'll work with you to make sure you are best prepared for our phone consultation.

Q.9 Does use of your services guarantee employment?

Ans. As important as they are, resumes are just one of several tools prospective employers use to evaluate a job candidate. While we are confident that our resumes and services will provide you with a competitive advantage, CareerEdge cannot guarantee interviews or employment. Back to top