Client Testimonials

"I believe that it's important to always have an updated resume as you never know what opportunities may arise. With that in mind, I started working with Michelle through JobBound about 5 years ago and have been a client of hers ever since. Each year, I work with Michelle to keep my resume fresh and current. There is a reason why I keep coming back - Michelle is fantastic at what she does and is a pleasure to work with! While I could write a decent resume myself, I feel that working with Michelle gives me the extra "oomph" to get my foot in the door, which is the whole point of a resume, right?

This year, I had several new responsibilities that I wanted online, so I added them on my LinkedIn profile before my yearly refresh with Michelle. When it came time to update my resume, Michelle worked her magic and I put the new and improved version up on LinkedIn. While I was contacted once in a while on LinkedIn with my own additions, I now am contacted almost weekly by recruiters from high-quality companies. I highly recommend Michelle and her services - an investment in yourself will always pay-off!"

-Liz V.

"I would recommend CareerEdge for anyone who is serious about finding a job. Being a recent college graduate, I know how difficult the job market is and how your cover letter and resume have to stand out. Michelle knows how to market your strengths and set you apart from the crowd. Within a month of using the services of CareerEdge, I landed an amazing full-time job. Thanks, Michelle!"

-Emily N.

"I strongly believe that I owe my career to Michelle Keating. Michelle and I worked closely on making sure that not only my resume is perfect, but so are my interview skills. She is truly a person that cares about your future and she will guide you through every step of your interview process. Michelle, thank you for being you and I look forward to working with you in the future!"

-Patrycja P.

"I can't say enough good things about Michelle Keating. She was a pleasure to work with and without hesitation I would recommend her to anyone looking for career services. Michelle is extremely organized and delivers results fast. Not only did I get a resume and cover letter in less than three days, but they were both reflective of my personal style. She really listens to you and wants you to be completely happy with the entire process. I am thrilled with the outcome of both! Thanks again Michelle!"

-Lauren P.

"JobBound was so lucky to have Michelle Keating on our team! Michelle is one of those dedicated, passionate professionals that you can always count on. The customers that Michelle worked with always gave rave reviews, and they would return time and time again to work with Michelle. Michelle is detail-oriented, smart, and personable. She delivers an amazing product - resume, cover letter, coaching, etc. - and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. It was always reassuring to know that Michelle would "wow" our customers."

-Courtney Pike Templin, Chief Operating Officer, JB Training Solutions

"Quite simply Michelle is the best. Her ability to craft the single best resume for you is remarkable. She provided extraordinary results in her 6 years at JobBound and I was consistently impressed with her resumes. It was incredible to see the "before" version and then what Michelle crafted as the "after". Put it this way, if I needed someone to write my resume, it would be Michelle."

-Brad Karsh, President, JB Training Solutions

"I wanted to thank you for such an extraordinary job you did in writing my resume! As Iíve not been exposed to this type of service in the past, I didnít know what to expect. I felt quite comfortable talking with you as you are very kind and personable and handled the conversation very professionally. It was evident right away that you are confident in the work you produce and know how to obtain the information you need to produce a quality resume. You were easy to talk to which left me feeling all the more confident in you and your abilities. I was very impressed at how organized you were and your approach to ascertaining the information in which my resume was based on. Thank you also for your efficiency in turning around my resume in such a timely manner. I was very proud to share this resume during my interview which resulted in my being hired! Your skills are priceless, and I will certainly utilize your services again in the future. Many thanks!!!"

- Shelley M.

"I loved how Michelle asked the right questions that got me to ponder my experience. Some of the points of interest were things I would not have even thought about having on my resume. I appreciated the time and dedication she put into getting to know me and my strengths and in turn, showcased them in such a powerful way! The supporting cover letter was direct and strong which ultimately landed me my current job."

-Amy H.